Poem: Burn the places you've come to hide

“Burn the places you’ve come to hide.”

I awoke
and after chasing a beauty
I would never have
it occurred to me
that I’m a man
of lost dreams.

So I cashed in my chips
and left town
only to return
to a nest made of thorns
i’m burning inside

and i’ve come to learn
you have to burn the places you’ve come to hide
you have to move on and try

my best friend is gone
and the fragments left
are old torn pictures
that I obsess over
trying to make sense
of it all.

All I know
is that I’m old
and sick and tired

I was on a highway of lost lovers
I tried to go to so many homes
I was playing the role
of the sad clown
dancing drunk for everyone to see
now i’m scorned in my own hometown

I have to burn the places I’ve come to hide
I have to move on and try.


You should play that song with a gutair. Great lyrics


Haha! Thanks man! :slight_smile: I was considering turning this into a song.


Interesting poem! Somewhat relatable.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I was in a pretty dark headspace when I wrote it.


This is dark, but beautiful. I heard it as a song as I was reading it.

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Wow…I’m kinda speechless that people actually dig my poetry.

Thank you @ninjastar! And everyone else who replied and liked it!


I really liked your poem. Sometimes I feel that way too but recently been feeling a little more young and energetic…

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Great poem, @Montezuma!

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Really good poem! @Montezuma

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