Poem about Love

A woman can
make u feel
Feelings of
deep affection

A binding of
personal connection
And chemicals
Mutually receptive

On the voyage
of life.

A woman is a
pyramid of lust
And a temple
of doom

All in one great

To lust a woman
And then to
devour anger
And hurt

An hourly rage
Is the perception
of ones
Inner conflicts

Jealousy looks at
one intensely
taunting u
amongst the crowd

The journey
Of woman
And love

The mystery
Of being with one
And not knowing
What it’s
All about.

It seems like the ending would have made a great beginning, and then to proceed to figure out what it’s all about, because through most of the poem you did define it and were able to know, and perhaps if you start this way you will reach a discovery of understanding near a new ending.