Poem #4: why you enter my train compartment?

I wasent Daniel no more
It was madness all through my bones

You probably thought I was cute talking to myself
I was slimmer then

I think I notice you first
The train window was your thinking friend

All alone in the first compartment
We noticed each other as we stared intensely

None of us took initiative to smile
I wanted to wink with my left eye

You enter my personal train cottage:
-my window can’t be open. Its hot isn’t it?

You sure were hotter

-is yours working?

I try to show you my manliness
But the windows had others plans

I was talking to you
Bouth with my mouth
Bouth with my mind

Your smile didn’t fade for a couple of years
I never wonder if you were real

I knew you were mine to take
In that moment you were my one true soul mate

40 degrees of heat
Or plain attraction

To this day I don’t why you approach me
Maybe you felt it to

Maybe there’s wesent nothing to feel
Will you Tel me the truth?


Way to be creative :upside_down_face:

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It’s a real story. Like all are. Not much to say as I never talk to this girl more then 5 minutes but psychotic as I was I found her to be my one true soul mate.

Thinking about her now and them. Wonder when I will see her again… Ah…

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Ya never know…

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I loved the first half especially. That was the best bars I’ve seen you write so far!! Keep up the good work

Sounded a little Eminem inspired at the beginning

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all of yours

are gentle in letting us down

like some kind of slide where you fall at the end

still, I like them, the direct occupation with another.

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