Poach a repost... are you afraid of medicines not getting to you with Brexit and also with collapse of society?

i know i know i know seriously think this will be blocked

i have a feeling to skip every 6th pill ( i take 3 a day ) and a different ap 1 a day
i am very functional on this level of meds
this is comfortable
i can manage on lower meds dose
been changing it over for over 10 years
just below what i am on now is sufficient

and stockpile

i think the same would be great for water electricity and food but somehow want to see if i can cope and do ANY Extinction Rebellion work

that scares me though as well
mental illness is in their first page - a way of unguilting - in their manifesto MI is a reason not to be able to march or cycle or chain to railings, block roads and bridges

i think i will give it a miss
then i am concerned about climate refugees not being able to be peaceful because there is such a shortage of food in the UK
we are at least 50% dependant on imports
this country as it is in 2019 could not feed itself with closed borders

so sitting here and thinking about the end again

Love and Rage

I share your dark imaginings but I think we will be ok.

i am not allowed to persuade you otherwise on this site.

i am as a non social person really other than 1 person
I feel afraid
like go and learn to fight

or learning Teaching English as a Foreign Language to help me welcome refuggees

and to have a few bits in storage
beans and pickles and jam and flour
how do you keep stuff airtight in a box under the building? we have a small storage space but it is just a hole in the wall
This area has gone ABSOLUTELY MENTAL with the building of high rise student accommodation and elderly assisted places

There is no way on Earth you could persuade me this is not sneaky planning to house the people soon under water

I fill my pills early and have a year saved up that I cycle through. I am worried about coronal mass ejection from the sun that will wipe out our power grid. A year isn’t enough but that’s when they expire. Failing that I have asked my parents to end me in my sleep if I cant get my prescriptions. I was in intense terrible withdrawl for 2 years from a twentieth of my dose so I cant wean off. We are due for a cme.

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No need to worry. We have already been promised the world won’t be destroyed again.

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I skip my meds to make an emergency stash in case my insurance stops and I don’t have the cash for refills.

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