PMS and mood swings

So everytime my cycle is about to come on I get more psychotic and depressed I hate when my cycle is about to come on I get more paranoid and depressed I do this every month does anyone else get worse around the cycle.


I get really bad symptoms around my period too.

Its aggravating, but part of being a woman, I guess.


It really sucks I have a hard time with it. But its life I have to suck it up things could be worse.


Iā€™m not sure about my psych symptoms, but my migraines get worse. Thank goodness I rarely have a period! Makes me break out, too. Aczone is my little miracle cure.


Yes I have this problem too
My psychosis and paranoia flare up and I get really depressed

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Yes, i have this! When i took calcium-magnesium-zink it seemed to help. There is some research supporting that too.

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