Plz share successes dealing w/targeting delusions

Last night we had a member who is obviously suffering from targeting delusions – @Connor1 – asking to be referred to Web sites of people suffering the same so they can delve deeper into them. This was obviously unhealthy.

Could I ask for those who have dealt with, or who are currently dealing with targeting delusions, to share what is working for them in terms of developing insight into their illness and reducing their ongoing positive symptoms?

Early on the inside of my head was an X-files episode. I was convinced I was being targeted by alien colonists because I could tune into their broadcasts via leaks from my implanted pacemaker. Gaining insight into the fact that these were delusions took medication, therapy, and a lot of conscious effort on my part to push this crud back into the corner of my mind where it belongs. I’m still dealing with residual stuff every so often, but it no longer dominates my life.

I am SO thankful that I got treatment for this – meds especially – before the Internet was a common fixture in everyone’s homes. I am sure I would have found some targeting ‘support’ communities and managed to make myself that much sicker. This is probably the only time you’ll ever hear me admit that not having Net access was a good thing for me.

In terms of meds, I have to be honest and admit that even the ones I hated the most, Haldol and Zyprexa, did give me relief. I strongly recommend medication for those with persistent targeting delusions.

Anyone else have something they can share?


For clarification this is the original thread:

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Thank you. I probably shouldn’t be posting under the influence of Buckley’s Mixture. Oy to the vey.



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Buckley’s… ack! Hope you feel better soon as that stuff is nasty.

These are the new cough drops.They work, but I suspect that Buckley’s has found a new market for the solid rocket launcher booster fuel that NASA has stopped buying since they retired the Space Shuttles. Just … wow.


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i think it is a good idea to talk about these things but without encouraging it,

i think it is good that they can get these things out of their head so that they can try and deal with them.

i have to say that in my own personal experience i felt better having someone to talk about these things but without being encouraged,

i think deep down that i knew these things were wrong but i was not accepting that, they held certain truths which i played on to build up this fantasy which was called delusion,

triggers happened when i connected some of these truths or half truths with my fantasies which would bring on delusion and paranoia, could have been from the tv or anything.

when i heard some things it use to trigger me as well and also there were the times when my head was racing thoughts and images of nightmare scenarios but this is something that i still cannot explain except maybe an imbalance of chemicals like dopamine in certain parts of the brain.


Yeah that’s kind of how it works. When I was younger I thought myself a real important fellow. I was going to save the world from itself and create everlasting harmony. I would accomplish this through artificial intelligence and greater technologies developed with it. I was a techno jesus. Not really susceptible to that delusion any more. I’m an atheist any ways. I deal with targeted persecution delusions. Everyone is telepathic and they continuously call me straight gay or bi or incest or pedophile. Really I’m one of the least sexual people I know but these messages have poisoned my consciousness I find it very hard to think about anything else aside from my symptoms and sexuality. Really I’m ■■■■■■ by this and I can’t escape it. The voices don’t say much better. I have days when none of its real and I start to recover and return to my normal self then something always happens and I get dragged back in. Is it a coincidence? I can’t even stand to be in public spaces very long. It’s obvious they don’t want to kill me though. There is no way out of this ■■■■. It can be a real hell. It’s probably not real but that doesn’t change anything.

If you are none of those things the voices accuse you of, you should already have them beat. I would tell them THEY must be those things since you are not and they are so adamant about accusing others of those things.

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Thanks for the advice. They openly admit to these thing when I think of accusing them. They don’t give a ■■■■ it’s not like they really have to think about it.

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I agree with Daydreamer to not encourage it.
Going to websites that talk about graphic delusions can just unhinge and trigger. I believe.
When I thought everyone and everything etc was out to kill me, I thought well OK but not today. I will live to spite 'those who want me dead. ’
It’s kind of an AA one day at a time approach.


If I use the example in context that I had been targeted to be a prophet for god.

And God saying I was one of the few to know this new knowledge and that I would Bring it to the people of the world.

At some point I don’t know when I started to think am I really “that important” out of 7 billion people I am being targeted for this ?

Maybe for someone that is being “targeted” by an organisation or government they should think with that question "am I really that important? " that I would be surveillanced and followed all the time?

Those questions can help lose the grip on the delusions I think