Plz help... which meds keeps u on low sedation or brain fogg..?

expected honest answer…thanks

You don’t say what class of med’s you’re talking about - benzo’s? anti-depressants? anti-psychotics?
All the typical anti-psychotics lobotomize me. I can’t write (mainly fiction) on them at all. They kill my imagination dead. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel, though. I think I could probably write on all the atypical anti-psych’s. Both the typical and the atypical anti-psych’s slow me down physically. I experience a significant loss of physical strength on both types of anti-psychotics. I actually got an increase in physical strength from Abilify, but that drug gets me a little too amped up. I hear that from a lot of people on this site. Different drugs affect people differently. I talked to one guy who had a hard time with Geodon, and found Haldol easier to tolerate. That sure isn’t the case with me, or with most sz’s.

for me… when I was on Seroquel alone… I was pretty much a zombie. I had no anxiety… or hallucinations… I wasn’t delusional…

But I also wasn’t motivated to do move very much… or say much… or write… communicate… take care of myself at all… I was very very still in those days…

I still need the Seroquel to keep the spinning in my brain under control… but I also need the Latuda to keep it in balance.

Xanax can mellow me out a lot… but I try very hard not to take it often… I know I could grow to like it… a lot.

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Geodon, Latuda and Abilify have lower incidences of sedation and weight gain for most people, yet keep in mind that averages may not apply to everyone due to individual differences…thats the fancy term for “we dont ■■■■■■■ have a clue why” in psychology and neuroscience. Individual differences. ■■■■ just is the way it is.

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Risperidone both sedated and brain fogged me, kept my energy at low levels so that I generally didn’t feel like doing anything. Killed my creativity, for writing and painting, and sex drive as well. It’s also been difficult to come off, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

“Zombification” (my invention) appears to be weakly correlated to length of use, and directly proportional to dose levels, regardless of which anti-P is used. How long have you been on the anti-P you’re on? Were you on any other anti-Ps before then? What are you on, and what’s the dose? Are you taking any other meds; if so, what? As they may increase or decrease the “zombification” effect.

For me there is only one med that could be tolerated at normal dosages. Its Invega. The most expensive drug, but it will more or less let you live a normal life. Its the best in my opinion side effect wise.

Seroquel for sure. I was on a pretty high dose (800mg day) when I stopped taking it.
Still on a waiting list to see a pdoc…September can’t come soon enough.