PLEASE what's your experience with Topomax?

Side effects? Did it actually work to lessen your symptoms? Did u lose weight? If so, how much?

I get very aggressive and violent with it. Had to stop it.


I tried it years ago. It made me unable to speak or think clearly. As soon as my dr saw me, he realized immediately how badly it affected me and took me off it

I gradually got worse mood wise. It was a slow change. My pdoc took me off it. Believe it or not cymbalta cut my appetite so I lost a lot of weight. But that’s not why I was taking it.

Thats scary, I get very irritable off my antipsychotic which makes me very violent sometimes. I will never try it.

I take Topomax for migraines. It doesn’t prevent them but it lessens their severity.

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Lost tons of weight but had to quit it due to lower iq and psychosis. It reversed my ap weight gain…

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Cognitive decline is listed as proven side effect in the literature

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I took it for a year, lost a little bit of weight but developed kidney stones had to have lithotripsy they grew so big.

It scared me that I was about to have a psychosis I didn’t feel right but it was still paranoia too it gave me the feeling that I was a little to uppity up there. I skipped trays in the hospital because they had my name on it and that made me uncomfortable.

Dopamax made me dumber than a rock. I was already dumb so I it did not help, and it did not help me lose weight.

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I’m on Topamax and I don’t know if I am dumb or not. That’s for other people to decide.

It didn’t help me lose weight but it may be helping me to keep weight off? Who knows? My weight is within normal limits.

I take it for migraines. It doesn’t prevent them but it reduces their severity.

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I was prescribed it once for migraines, but it gave me hives so I had to come off. I now include it in my list of medicine I’m allergic to. It’s the only one that didn’t cause anaphylaxis though.

I developed a bad tremor. I did lose weight, but I was already dangerously underweight at the time, so it was a bad thing. I got off it because the tremors made it hard to do anything.

Lithium supplements made me dumb while I was on it. I couldnt study the day I took it and made me sleep all day. I thought I could fix myself back then before my diagnosis. I knew something was wrong in my brain but didn’t know its sz, thought it was mania so took lithium.

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