Please tell me how much time should i wait for PRN to work?

We increased clozapine from 200mg to 300mg
Chlorpromazine from 300mg to 500mg.

After how long should i complain for weak meds?
After a few hours, days, weeks?

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It seems pretty obsessive how you’re posting about these things.

I find when I do that the meds really make no difference.

What I find helpful is to take a PRN and go to my room in the dark and just ride the storm.

Usually I will eventually fall into sleep, and when I wake it’s like a reset button

Climbing the walls and getting angry about what’s going on in your head will only wind you up

Does anyone know how much time should I wait for, before i call psychiatrist again?

I would give the AP a week or two, but for the prn if it’s not working after a couple hours it’s probably not going to.

That’s not too say it’ll never work, maybe you’re just too worked up right now for it to overcome that. Sometimes it might work. But I would call in s could weeks if the AP still isn’t helping

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I think those med changes might need a couple of weeks to see a difference

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yea i think like 2 to 4 weeks before you can notice the difference… that is for the med changes.

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If we increase doses for acute phases
Some hours are enough

I will pray for you @Om_Sadasiva . Bless you.

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