Please take care of your teeth

I just want to add that I hope the feeling that comes across is not one of fear.

I’m learning that with my self-care routine that this is a practice of self-love and reconnecting to yourself.

I’m particularly stressed because of not having income or benefits right now.

I’m waiting for the 16th of this month to see a psych doc and will be hopefully supplied with all the support I’m needing - especially some medication.

My last trip to the dentist I thought I could do fine without any anxiety drugs so I didn’t take them up on the offer.

I still have some fears about the drugs so I try hard to avoid them.

But I’m just grinding out these days now until I can talk to my pdoc about everything.

Oh and don’t forget to floss.

I just did and it felt nice.

No issues with bleeding gums. Just takes practice.

An oral probiotic to take at night can also help from what I’ve read.

It’s possible to heal cavities and even restore enamel.

For the people who want hope:

Since brushing and following some of these tips my jaw pain has gone down significantly so far.

And apparently, there are new possibilities in the future for restoring enamel via some treatment they haven’t yet approved or worked out.

Funny thing is that it involves calcium and phosphate to do so.


I was told that I needed a root canal due to infection. I instead mixed hot water with lots of salt, and flushed my mouth with this day after day for several weeks…

This killed the infection, and all was well. That was about 3 years ago, and the infection is still gone.

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