Please Share Your Personal Knowledge & Wisdom Regarding SZ or SZA!

Hmm?. . .

I’m Sorry To Hear That.

Maybe If You Explain Your Hopes & Fears To Your Team.

They May Be Able To Be More Precise On Which Avenue To Take For Quicker Success?.

I just have a mental health nurse now, no pdoc.

he is just an amazing emotional support role as opposed to knowing certain things that i also question.

i am not complaining though, they need to know and deal with so much the mental health team so it’s cool, i am happy to have done my own research too,…

still, we do co operate on our understandings, me and the team, some things i leave out because i get uncomfortable

Hmm?. . .

Work With What You Have At The Moment. And Strive For Personal Psychological Freedom.

In Hope, Love, And Peace!. :wink:

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okay okay thankyou for the opinion :slight_smile:

sounds amazing lollllllll

Hmm?. . .

You Responded To My Last Comment To You.

So, I Could Ask, How Does That Truth Make You Feel?.

I’m Not Really Asking.

Jus Sayin. . .

So, what do you think sza’s diagnosis should be? In your, uneducated opinion?

Hmm. . .

@SkinnyMe, There’s No Point.

Grab A Comfort Drink, Chill, Watch The Blue Sky Or Stars Above And Meditate.


I admire your response. Very good.

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