Please Share Your Personal Knowledge & Wisdom Regarding SZ or SZA!

SoO0. . . (For New Patients)

Here Is A Quick Link Posted On (Sep 39, 2014) (Some Information May Have Updated Since).

I Was Originally Diagnosed With Schizophrenia 15-ish Years Ago.

Around 4-ish Years Ago I Have Been Diagnosed With Schizoaffective Disorder.

For Me In The End, It All Still Feels The Same. I Jus Now Know What To Classify Certain Feelings.

Idea Of Reference & The Sphere Of Fear (As I Like To Call It), Is What I Deal With Most.

Meaning, I Usually Find Those Two Categories To Be Unhelpful In My Personal Life.

Although, Ideas Of Reference Lead To A More Intense Discovery Of Spirituality.

And Fear, Became A Topic I Felt Should Be Something To Spend My Freetime Erasing.

To Erase For Myself, And Those Who Are Victims To It.

I Hear Voices 24/7. I Consider Them As Friends. And My Doctor Knows Thus.

She Still Finds It To Be A Troublesome Area In “normal” Life. But!, Everyone Has Their Own Normal.

I See Thing’s Sometimes. Aliens. Faces. Shadows. Bugs. (Which Sometimes Becomes Tactiles).

All Of These Thing’s I Keep To Myself Usually. People Get Frightened Of What They Don’t Understand.

As Advice, I Would Tell Anyone Newly Diagnosed. Keep Politics & Religion To Yourself.

It’s Been Said Many Years Before. And It Is A Rock Solid Foundation For Keeping Composure.

For Yourself. And Anyone Around You.

With That Said, I Find Both of Those Subjects Fascinating. And Study As Much As I Can.

When i Am Able To.

I Have Been Sent To Many Facilities In My Past. (For Not Taking Medication).

Those Places, Were Not Scary. The Officials Were Polite. I Took My Med’s. And Was Sent Home.

After Some Time Of Course.

Advice:::~ Take The Medications Prescribed To You. (If Nervous, Or Anxious, Speak).

I Was Once Told By A Police Officer, ‘If A Police Officer Asks You To Do Something, Say ‘Yes Sir’, And Do It’. Which May Sound Troublesome. But!, Even After All of The Confusion And Struggling I’ve Had With Authority. Not Once Have I Been Hurt In Any Serious Way.

Call It A Long, Long, Personal Argument That I Had With The Same System Trying To Save My Life.

Truth Be Told. Without My Clinic. Doctors. Psychologists. Nurses. Facilities. And Med’s. . .


Jus Sayin.

Point Is,

If Anyone Else On The Forum Has Some Advice To Those New To The Realm Of Schizophrenia.

Feel Free To Share Your Story!.

In Any Way. Be It Links. Stories. And Anything Else I Might Have Missed.

To Jus Be…,

One With!.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:


Good post. I don’t have too much to share but be persistent, don’t be afraid to ask for help and appreciate the little things in life.


Yeah I agree with the above post you have to appreciate the little things in life with sz


Don’t forget to take care of your body. Your body is equally important.


Hmm. . .

A Sincere Thank You To Everyone Who Has Posted So Far.

As, @LevelJ1, Says, ‘Be Persistent’. (Don’t Give Up On Yourself, Find The Light And Continue).

As, @anon80490300, Says, ‘Appreciate The Little Things’. (Simplicity & Contentment).

As, @laetitia, Says, ‘Take Care Of Your Body’, (Health Is What Keeps Us Able To Wander).


With All That In Mind, I Would Like To Say, , ,

Remember To Remind Yourself That No One Is Perfect. Not Even The Officials. We All Make Mistakes. If You Focus On Your Mistakes, You Could Fall Into A Rabbit Hole That May Take A Long Time To Climb Out Of. So, Knowing That We Are All Human. Will Give You Strength To Voice Your Fears, Worries, And Anxiety With The Officials, Family & Friends.

Trust Is An Elusive Creature. (If You Trust Nothing, Trust Me On Thus, Trust Your Team).

Fear Can Be Defeated With Faith In The Truth Of Honesty, Compassion, And Sincerity.

Don’t Give Up On Yourself!.

Thanx!, Once Again Everyone!.

Thread Still Open For Knowledge And Wisdom!. :wink:


I agree with all the above.

And I would add, Just wait a while. Things will definitely get better with enough time.


Hmm. . .

As, @SkinnyMe, Says, ‘Things Will Definitely Get Better With Enough Time’. . .

May Be Inspired By The Olde Saying, ‘Patience Is A Virtue’.

But!, What Does That Mean (???).

Patience is a virtue” is a short phrase that means “waiting calmly is a good trait”. This proverbial phrase reminds the listener or reader about the societal and moral value of waiting to get what they want until a more convenient time (From Google)

Which Came From William Langland

‘The first known recording of this expression is in Piers Plowman, a narrative poem believed to have been written by William Langland between 1360 and 1387. It is similar to the Latin expression, maxima enim, patientia virtus’ ‘(patience is the greatest virtue)’ (From Google)

Side Note:::~ Feel Free To Study, Navigate Through Even Philosophy Quotes On Google!.

There Is Much To Learn And Discover During Our Quests To Find True, Honest, Hopeful Freedom.

Philosophical Quotes From The Words Of Philosophers May Help!.

thank you for reminding me

I have a bad ‘perfectionist’ habit, can’t be satisfied unless i am ‘perfect’

I am just a human being, nothing more,…and nothing less

Hmm. . .

Allow Thus Link To Remind You That Not Only Are You A Human Being.

But!, Many Other’s Are As Well. Looking, Hoping, Seeking, Searching, Desiring Connection.

You Are Not, “just” A Human Being. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING!.

And With My Personal Philosophy Of Mother Nature And Father Time.

Not Only Are You Important Among The Clockwork Of Coexistence Within The Framework Of Society.

But!, Beyond Explanation Among The Warm Embrace Of The Breath Of Each Tree!.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night @LittleMissSlothy!.

You Are Much, Much More, Than JUST A Human Being. :wink:

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i am so used to thinking i need to be this and that and this, it feels nice to think well actually, i only need to be me.

but thanks for the

that is true aswell haha :+1:


Hmm?. . .

Maybe Your Personal Answer Lies In The Subject Of Humility?.

To Become The Unusually, Perfectly Strange, The Unique, One Of The Modest, The Meek?.

if that means having a modest view of myself than yes i guess I am accepting my limitations

Hmm. . .

Modesty, I Have Found Is A Very Important Quality To Have.

The Boasting. Judging. And Self Loathing For No Real Good Reason. Can Be Very Self Destructive. It Is One Thing To Judge The Lawless, Carelessly Destroying Hope, Love, And Peace.

And Another, To Be One Who Laughs Proudly At All Of The Self Defeating, Meaningless “accomplishments”, Of Destruction And Purposelessness. Like A Parasite Feeding On Itself.

Giving No Real Effort To Better Themselves Or Anyone Else.

It’s One Thing To Be The Victim And Have Little Energy Left To Sleep, Let Alone Help Those Around Them. And It Is Another Thing To Lay Around Waiting For The Earth To Worship Them.

For Doing Absolutely Nothing.

I’m Wandering @LittleMissSlothy .

To Get Back On Topic. Accepting Limitations Is One Healthy Way To Look At It.

But!, Know When To Give Yourself Credit When Credit Is Due.

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I think SZA is way over diagnosed. SZ is one hell of a ride. Buckle up!

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Hmm. . .

Yes. It Is True. Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder Can Be Chaotic.

But!, , ,

It Isn’t A Joke.

And Thus Thread Isn’t A Movie. Nor Is Life.

There Are Consequences For Our Actions Here On Earth.

And It Isn’t A Video Game.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!. @Enlightenedbeing

qp|| Remember, Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is…, Agree To Disagree |||+||| :wink:

I can agree to disagree. I’m not challenging your diagnoses. It just seems like SZA is over diagnosed. They don’t take into account how wild of a ride schizophrenia is. Docs are quick to diagnose any fluctuation as bipolar.

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N e Hoo. . .

qp|| Sometimes Only The Universe Knows How To Unravel The Tangled Web Of Emotions That Trap Us Into Despair And Despondency. A Trap, Trapping Traps, And Other Things. Endlessly Trapping. |||+||| :wink:

hi again.
I don’t have wisdom for sz or sza since i do not have this. I have psychosis NOS. I do not feel comfortable to share my wisdom regarding that. However, I can say that it is not realistic for me to believe that I can be hundred percent sure i wont relapse if i come off meds one reason being because of dopamine super sensitivity. it seems to be a very real thing apparently and i do not know how significant that would have an effect on me if i try to taper off my medication, alongside other things.

doing personal research is very important because the pdoc does not spoon feed you everything !!!