Please read! The story of my life

I want to share something with you guys. About my diagnose and medicine I’m on. The story of my life…

So, I have paranoid schizophrenia, not good, init?

My daily dose:

• Aripiprazole 30 mg

• Quetiapine 800 mg

• Lorazepam up to 7.5 mg sometimes even more…

• Haloperidole & Diazepam (all together) shots every week!
• Lamotrigine 200 mg

My symptoms still remain the same. I’m on the medc since 2014 - till now.

I’m still having severe symptoms. Visual & Auditory hallucinations every day. I see a girl, her name is Erin, she is giving me advice about life. We are talking… Also, according to my psychiatrist I have dellucions (Local authority is controling me and causing my symptoms, that’s true. I’m not calling it dellusions). What’s more, apathy, no motivatiom, sedation… and sometimes suicidal thoughts which comes from voices. They make me feel suicidal. Yes, I had suicidal attempts not once or twise. Many times. Am I suicidal now? Yes, I am. I just wanna run away from it all… I used to take overdoses. I was doing mix of the meds. I was in intensive care unit few times. I’m still overdosing but not that often.

My last severe overdose was less that a year ago. Why severe? I took 80 pills of Lorazepam - 200 mg overall. My memory went blank. I don’t remembet the whole week. So I can’t make a comment about this overdose.

I’m on so many pills like a pill head for christ sake! Well, at least it works a bit, before medc I was out of it! OUT OF IT! But still… I’m not well.

Any of you taking more? Please share your experience and comments!

Do you think I’ll get better one day without the medc. Or I will be on medc for the rest of my life…

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance!


You are on a lot of medication.

Are you in therapy?

Have you tried CBT?

I haven’t tried CBT

But I have counseling sessions

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Cbt is good but only if she knows about psychosis

How old are you?

What are your voices like? Lifelike? Intelligent personalitys?

I’m 28 years old

My voices are talking ■■■■■■■■ about me. That’s is way I’m suicidal and Erin agree with voices

Do your voices tell you delusions?

I’d say the same thing you just told us to your doc.

Tell them you’re taking a ton of prescriptions all to still be having severe symptoms.

Tell them you want a different plan.

Most doctors are receptive to this.

Your on the max dose of two antipsychotics, seems a bit unsafe, have you tried clozapine?

Its a balance between the distress of your symptoms and the amount of meds. Could you handle your symptoms on a lower dose? Ivv been contemplating this myself

No, not at all. I’m my thoughts

I’ve tried different types and combinations of medc

This combination I’m on now works the best for me.

My psychiatrist knows about everything

I’ve been too many psychiatrist all of them told the same. To keep taking the medc that I mentioned bellow

Whats yer Diagnosis?

Paranoid schizophrenia

I feel like I live in a different reality

geez. you’re Not in a different reality. just live your life.

You must sleep a lot, no? Feel free to post anything here, I like to read and my voices are preventing me but not here.

Easy to say. Hard to do

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