Please Like Me - TV show on Pivot TV

Currently in it’s second season.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh must help his mother with her battle with depression and the rest of his family embrace his new found lifestyle. All of this becomes a little more complicated when he explores his sexuality with a young and handsome Jeff.

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Josh Thomas’s humour can be a acquired taste sometimes and depends on my mood and mind if I watch any of his shows. But looks like I must I have dismissed this show completely Thanks for the heads up and links… Time for a catch up!

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Josh Thomas’s Please Like Me nominated for international Emmy

It’s been renewed for a third season, yah! My hubby and I really enjoy this show.

YouTube Channel

The Australian comedy\current affairs\world news “Good News Week” is also a good place to see him. Are many Good News Week clips up on Youtube.

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