Please leave ideas of reference

Last night in my dream as I mentioned I was lucid and having a lovely time with my powers just fooling around. And today I’m watching my show and it’s talking about how the kids on it (who are trained assassins) were misusing their abilities and needed to use their powers for good, to protect people. And I’m like COME ON.

They tell you it’s ideas of reference but sometimes things are just eerily relevant to your life, you know?? Normal people experience it too. Anyhow I will not be shamed into not enjoying my dreams by the powers that be :triumph:

That sounds fun :smile: in my dream I was meeting some rebel warlord leader lol… ended with one of the soldiers holding me by the back of my neck…

Yea, I also had like 5 sexy lady bodyguards as my protection unit, they went to inspect the rebel warlord before he could meet me, but I told them he (warlord) is one who the people you don’the question,… then out of nowhere my bodyguards disappeared and I found myself being grabbed by the back of my neck by one of the warlords bodyguards lol

Some psychopath little girl tried stabbing me to death in mine :unamused: But I’m invincible so the knife wouldn’t pierce my skin. Think I ended up throwing her off a building to her death, whoops.

One of those crazy stuff., hope u didn’the wake up feeling anxious lol

Yea, my bodyguards all had mini shorts/ tshirts on… were also all holding ak47 kinda guns…

PS - wasn’t a wet dream… just the kinda stuff u’d expect a guy like Gaddafi to be moving with, only they were way better looking than Gaddafi’s bodyguards hahaha… I must have been one of those corrupt playboy bosses

Dreams have a lot to teach us about ourselves. I tend to use for dream analysis.

Actual insight by what you wrote I’d just say you are escaping reality because reality generally sucks. Avoiding dealing with reality. Sounds to obvious but generally dreams are, IDK I struggle with the same. Your tdoc would most likely give you a better analysis.