Please how to be sure if I have schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder?

I was diagnosed as i have schizophrenia since 8 years. I took so so so many different medicines. I only felt good not bad one year through all this period. then I relapsed about last four years. so i stopped taking medicines about 1.5 year ago and really i do not feel big difference so i still do not want to take medicines. all my doctors said it is simple schizophrenia. they even never told me its type, but i read about schizo-affective last days and i suspect that i have its symptoms but i am not sure. please how to be sure?


The way to be sure, is to go to your psychiatrist and talk it over with him/her.


This is really only something a doctor can help with. Good luck.


its best to rely on what your docs bring up,…
but you could always ask them what they think about it…

Only an MD can make a diagnosis.