Please help

I need to delete this account… its triggering my attacks. Can you please help me.

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Paging @SzAdmin

If you just need a break you can talk to the mods about a suspension to keep you from coming back for a bit.

If you want it deleted you have to pm szadmin and then again on two weeks to tell him to delete your account.

I want to delete it

Pm szadmin. Tell him you want you account annonymized. Then don’t post anything for 2 weeks and pm him again taking him it’s your second request. Then he’ll do it for you.

How do I pm szadmin


Click his name and then there should be a blue button that says message on his profile.

@szadmin please delete my account. It’s really bad for me. Can you please delete in as soon as possible

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What happen @X719G … did somebody attacked U…!!! Soory u are being paranoid…!! Take care…!!!

@far_cry0 nobody attacked me. It’s just triggering my attacks. I’m getting paranoid right now. Please help me. Do you know how to delete account?

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You can come back after a few days, maybe you will feel better :slight_smile:

Just log out and take break for a week or two…

When u feel comfortable than log on… its easy…!!

Take care friend…!!

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