Please help, thoughts on treatment for dual diagnosis

help need help for treating dual diagnosis problem

First off ,you should definately talk to a pro because these forums are just for comradery i think.

Having said that im no pro but I do enjoy giving my opinions out.

Its my opinion that these dual/tri/combo Dx’s are a ploy created by the pharm Co. to have people buy more meds.

I think that if a person is mentally “off” then they just arent “on” so they should actively do something to change that.

For me exercise and healthy eating is great!,I dont mean grass grazing and root chewing just not consuming mainly junk food and preservatives,i think the preservatives are the really bad thing because ive ate Mcdonalds everyday for a extended period then consequently felt horrible when all those preservatives built up,ive also eaten home cooked burgers everyday and felt great.

Anyways good luck and there are hot lines that you can call to speak to a real person.

Do a search online for dual diagnosis groups to see if there are any near you. I know that 12-step programs like AA, CA, and NA, all have world headquarters that you can call for info about their respective organizations. Maybe a dual/diagnosis headquarters exists and you can get info from them. They might even have online meetings.

Do you have a current doctor or provider you could ask for resources?

Easter Seals is in some states in the US and has dual diagnosis treatment. It’s sliding scale in some places.

Contact your local Health and Welfare Dept to see what your state has if in USA. Hotline as already mentioned above.

I hope you find what you need.