Please help tell me what to do

I don’t know how to express this

I’m camping with my sister
She is not schizophrenic
I thought she was but severe ptsd with alcoholic misuse and psychosis and depression

I am out camping with her. She has had almost 2 full bottles of bourbon in less than 48 hours
I’ve been drinking with her.
When she drinks, if I drink with her we have a good time
When I don’t drink with her she drinks alone in her room
We’ve had a boosy holiday for 2 days
She has been so unwell
I have to stop helping her Kill herself


I’m not sure what your asking. You said that when you don’t drink with her she drinks alone in her room, so I don’t see how you are “helping her to kill herself”. You can discourage her from drinking but ultimately it’s her decision as to whether or not she drinks. I don’t see why you would be taking responsibility for this.


Going in the shop to buy stuff with her in the car.
Drinking with her
Makes it easy and more fun

It’s not your responsibility. Unfortunately, all you can do is not drink with her anymore and have a heart to heart with her about her addiction


It is so hard not drinking with her.
We have a horrible time
She says things to be controversial and I’m Asperger and I take it the wrong way and we hate each other
She becomes rude

It’s still important. It’s better to be uncomfortable than it is to encourage her to drink more by drinking with her. It’s better that she’s miserable and alone so she can eventually hit rock bottom and hopefully get some help.

My sister used to be a severe alcoholic so I understand what you mean. But it’s really important. I managed to get my sister into the best treatment facility in our area. She’s now sober and has been for about 4 years


God please can you pm me with your story
Any time
When you have time
Can we talk about this?
This woman will not ever go to rehab again
Today she drank a bottle of bourbon, went swimming in the river with me and she got out climbing the other bank steep and Rocky, and up a ladder left there
So at risk of falling

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Has she tried AA? Maybe pick up some AA literature and either give it to her or leave it out where she can see it. When I was addicted to crack for four years my psychiatrist had me go to a meeting early on in my addiction. I didn’t get clean right then but at least I learned what meetings are like.

I got clean on a fluke. I was smoking crack heavily at every chance I got and one day I was at my dads house watching TV while he was at work. A commercial came on about getting help for drugs abuse and it gave a phone number. On a whim I called the number and it was a recording for CA (Cocaine Anonymous). It gave several locations for meetings near me.

I went to the first one and during the whole meeting I thought everybody in there hated me. But after the meeting several people walked up and shook my hand and they were really friendly. So I went back the next week and I started going to a couple other meetings. Unfortunately I was still using in between meetings. But as they say in the program, a seed had been planted and I had a taste of what a 12-step program was like and I had a good impression of them. I didn’t get clean for another year but in 1990 I lived in a group home that held a meeting once a week in the kitchen. The people in the meeting were cool and friendly and nice and it kept me going and now 31 years later I haven’t touched alcohol or drugs since Jan 1st, 1990.

Tell your sister she’s killing herself with alcohol and that AA works and they want to help her. It’s free and nobody wants anything from her except to help her

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Thank you @Nick

We are a bit of a 12 step family already
I toyed with AA for six years, no I have about 8 units A week but I’m not being careful right now
At the moment I don’t have a sponsor yet but I’ve had absence in overages anonymous for over 100 days
Smoking 60 cigarettes a day where is my drug of choice, as well as Eating those two are my Worst risks to my life I gave up smoking 15 years ago
I promised her with the last bottle of bourbon I would buy her and I’m just going to add to that with all alcohol
Perhaps having gone camping and shared so much, We have really fallen in love with each other For what feels like one of the first times ever.
Our middle sister was a year clean in AA at one point but she died.
All three sisters have gone to 12 step rehab at some point But my sister shows no interest in getting help
I suppose AlAnon is the place for me

Also @77nick77
Congrats on being such a long term AA dude
My own habits are maybe getting out of control…need to re check

I think an actual AA meeting would be good for starters… at the moment she wants to live part time in south west France
She doesn’t want to know
She wants to take acid with a guy who offered
Unafraid because she said our mum had met him