Please help me guys

31 hours without sleep… I am in tension. Still no sign of sleep.

Are you drinking caffeine? Try Melatonin and Chamomile.

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OK here are tips that may help you.
A. the room where you try to sleep needs to be well ventilated.
The windows need to be open.
B. The air conditioning in your room needs to be turned on.
C. you need to cover your head and preferably also neck with a thick, light colored hood.

Good luck mate.


Sure buddy…

I drank a lot cokecola does it worsen the situation.

Diet coke has 46mg caffeine, regular 34mg. Per can.


You know from memory what condition suits best for you to sleep. What has changed? Is there too much noise?, are you waiting too long before going to bed? Are you taking stimulants late in the evening? Have you changed your meds? I hope you work it out.

Will that help my case. Its not too hot outside so I didn’t switch on the aircondition … but I am watching tons of videos on youtube at the moment

@latenightsurfer well it helps me.
The first two tips are good for any person( open windows and air conditioning)
and the hood tip is especially good if you have schizophrenia and thus suffer from intrusive thoughts,
nervousness, agitation etc and thus can’t fall asleep.

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Yes I have taken to of stimulants like tea and coffee I quit cigarrettes two days back but back on it again in these 31 hours I have smoked 25 cigarrettes.

You can look up “sleep hygeine” online and pick up some good tips
You should probably not drink caffeine four or five hours before you’re usual bedtime. Preferably 6 or 7 hours.


Yeah you are right this caffeine thing is messing my brains.

But for now I am on my bed and waiting for sleep but it’s not happening.

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Well I would definitly quit the caffeine if you can’t sleep. Some people are very sensitive to it. I could get trouble sleeping if I drank caffeine after 12pm. And also prepare yourself for betime so it doesen’t come like a shock on you. Like suddenly you notice the clock is past your betime. I would avoid looking at blue light screens like your mobile and tablet one hour before bed. Do something calming like listening to the radio and solve a jiggzaw puzzle or play solitaire with cards. It may sound boring, but once I started I got amazed. It actually keeps you better occupied because you are doing something physical with your hands.

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Are you allowed to take nyquil? That usually does it for me.

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have you tried you tube’s “insomnia sleep meditation calming an over active mind” It’s pretty good.

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I look into it thanks buddy.

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Currently I am on oleaznz 10 mg ativan 1mg SOS.

I don’t think I can get nyquil at this time of the hour.

So far I am totally stable but very excited.

I don’t know how to put an end to this now.

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I haven’t been sleeping well for the last couple of nights also.
I’m feeling all keyed up.

Sorry but what does keyed up mean?

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Hyper, excited @latenightsurfer

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