Please, friends, pray that the biopsy of my sister is good

OK, I am very bad mentally, but the fact that my sister had a scary lump in her brest, was the top… :disappointed:
Yesterday, they took it out, but the results of the biopsy will go out this Monday…
The docs looked concerned tbh… The lump was 4 mm big and the docs say, that it had a bad shape…
So now, we wait till Monday :cry:
I won’t be able to take well if this is a cancer… I already blame myself that I am alive tbh…
There’s also my pap results in Tuesday in fact, my warts are very scary too…
Sorry to bring so much problems, but please, pray for us :cold_sweat::persevere:
We still need a bit of more time on this earth, :sweat:
I am really counting on you, I hope that your prayers can help :worried: I am not sure, that even God likes me right now :cold_sweat:

While scary, I’m pretty sure breast cancer has a high survival rate since they can remove the breast. But I will keep her in my thoughts :pray:

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I wish your sister good luck with the results of the tests on the lump.

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Thank you :sweat:
It’s me too in tuesday with the pap test…

Fingers crossed everything turns out ok.

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Your sister is in my prayers I hope she will be alright.

My prayers are with you and your sister @Anna1
God bless….

Hoping for a good outcome for you and your sister @Anna1.

My prayers are with you.

Thinking of you and your sister @Anna1 I hope everything turns out well for both of you.

I hope that your results are what you were hoping for and provide you much relief! Best wishes for good health for you and your sister!

Hoping for the best for your sister. :heart:

İ hope everything goes well.

Thank you all :slight_smile:


i wish you the best and you are in my prayers
i hope it all turns out ok!

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I am praying for you and your sister @Anna1 . May God bless you both.

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Wishing you both the best. :heartbeat:

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