Please explain how recovery looks like

I feel I am recovered.
But not able to conclude what is to be like recovered.
I still take the lowest meds, I just realized I speak to only one persons in my mind.
Or should there be two people the good and the bad… Or only one

Ideally no voices. Zilch. Very lucky if you get that, while still having energy to live.

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The voices have reduced drastically… May be one or two in a month… I find it really hard to know what is reality from hallucinations … Like only when I listen to some songs ,I go high … And some movies as well. I lose in touch with reality … But no much voices…
I am find difficult to know what is real…

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You “go high”? Are you saying high as in hallucinating?

Having no voices is a good start though. But you need to feel grounded also. Have you tried every individual AP the pdoc suggests? Could be a good fit somewhere.

Yes … I feel so good and all my past makes sense as though something was revield to me … And it makes me so happy and good… And later after few hours when I recollect there was no sense in what I thought of…

I kinda get that. But it is not an ideal headspace.

I feel SZ people follow two narratives, the “real”, objective one and the “crazy”, unreal one. Subjectively, one is more important, but not willfully so much. There is a will factor but the psychological predisposition forces it towards the unreal narrative for SZ folk.

I know those subjective, personal “lessons” you receive have little relevance to others, nor can you even meaningfully relay them, or even journal them. I’m not saying they are bad, necessarily, but that there is a more optimized, less sensitive, more relatable way of living, when you resolve the underlying stressors with good treatment.

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