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I could try. I’m not very good at keeping friends. I only have one good friend. We talk on the phone once-twice a week. Sometimes we visit each other and take turns in cooking dinner.

I don’t know how to make friends anymore. My social skills are terrible since I got ill. But maybe I manage better on internet?

Oh yes and I’m female, 36 y, married, kids. Live in Sweden

I P.M. people all the time on this site. I work odd hours and am not always on the computer during the day. But I’m here in the morning’s before i go to work.

If you want, I’ll give it a try.

You look like a fun loving person to be with,are you talkative and outgoing?or is it the other way round?

@anon40540444 You are my pal, but I make an awful email buddy my social skills are shot! But I do like to PM with you once in a while

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@anon40540444 I feel bad for not keeping up with the emails, I have had a lot going on lately.

I’m very talkative and outgoing. Some might say I talk too much! O.O

So take a few minutes and drop me a line, silly. :smiley: