Please correct me

Think sense.

Can I say that?

I know " Make sense ".

Is " Think sense. " correct?

Today I wrote on a piece of paper " Think sense. ".

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Make sense or think sensibly. Think sense doesn’t work.


Thanks a lot. I guess I am losing the little brain that is left in my skull.

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Bye…and Happy Birthday.

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No you’re not. You’re trying that’s what keeps our brains active. Just keep trying.

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Dude, English doesn’t make a lick of goddamn sense. I can tell you that it’s “think sensibly,” not “think sense,” but the only reason I can come up with as to why that is is that “think sensibly” sounds better. Trust me, you’re good.

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I also like in your comment about how English is nonsensical you used “a lick of sense.” :joy::rofl::joy:

Like, context clues need to be strong for that to even make sense. Lol

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Just curious, what was the sentence?

I think its poetic

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