Please convert to the metric system



this should be in unusual beliefs, tbh i really dont give a damn lol, i just wanted to be heard

next you’ll be saying numbers arent really numbers, switch to the algeraic system :wink:


Plus, math is so much more interesting when you use standard.


when i worked in the garage, some of the measurements on the spanners were even older like witworth, it basically means that you can be screwed imperially lol


But when you think about it, clocks are always imperial… and it works because there are so many ways to group and multiply (2, 3,6,12 etc)

Years wouldn’t work on a metric scale (365.25 days)
Moon cycles and months are imperial

And numbers themselves are metric (DECimal)

It’s a crazy world


Wife: “How many feet in your mouth?”
Me: “Both of them.”


The US tried to convert to the metric system back in the 1970’s when Jimmy Carter was president. People fought it tooth and nail. I remember buying gas in liters at one station.


Yeah I remember us learning about the metric system in math class during the 70s for a while.


Both my home country (South Korea) and Canada use the metric system… so I didn’t have to consider the imperial system when I went to Canada. But my cousin and her family are using it because they’re in United States.


I checked and i’m 5 feet and something
I think i’m only 2 feet
As a joke lol not meant to offend.


I could try. But what’s in it for me?


Yes, film footage should become film meterage.


The glory of being the only reasonable US American.


No, that’s the British and their former colonies. Plus a few more cray cray countries. You drive on the correct side.




But @Treebeard, the imperial system is 2.54 times better than the metric system. :grin:

I use the metric system at work and the imperial system at home, except when I purchase a 2L bottle of soda. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh god those freaking inches. Whenever I talk with someone about TV sizes I have no idea what they’re saying. Like 50 inches? What even is that? What do I have? 12? 90? :cry:

Yes, we use inches for screen size. And it sucks and everyone is always confused.


My mom’s car can switch between miles and kilometers. Does that count?



I’m for converting to the metric. Anything else is mentally lazy of us. Just forces us to work our minds until we learn it.:heartbeat:


There was a band when I was a kid called “Here Comes The Metric System”

They later changed their name to “Waving At Strangers”

I liked them so much that I bought all their CDs, and still listen to them from time to time.