Please convert to the metric system


When I worked in nursing, in the U.S., we all used the metric system alone. Everybody in medicine does.


America, europe, africa


I think you’ve been slightly misinformed.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t know.


I think we Americans are arrogant tbh. If you go anywhere in the world they require children to learn English but we aren’t required to learn other languages.


They are many Americans, its diverse. Same as the eu. Big and diverse.


I feel like this thread is just making fun of Americans.


I’ve been studying Spanish for the past 50 years and I STILL haven’t mastered it.


Try It’s free and I’m really learning a lot of German on it


How about this then ?


Thank you @Loke. I’ll check it out. I’ve been using but I have to pay for that.


I think its a hoax.


I recommend I wish I could donate to the site as much as i love languages. They’re teaching Arabic soon. I’m looking forward to that.


It’s quite obviously for making fun of the imperial system. I’m not responsible for what others choose to post about.


Using german scientists and the metric system*




I always thought it was us Brits who used Imperial. I was taught both at school but only metric made sense. Bakers dozen?


Didn’t we try this once before? I’m more interested in why we drive on the wrong side of the road.


but is it divisible by 666?