Pleasantvilla Strangiato

Man born of women comes, then he goes, My favorite old show’s coming on and he knows, Drives up in a van and provides the remote, And says it’ll put me right in the show, I turned on the TV and the old man was right, I was stripped of my color and was now black and white, If I don’t play along and stick to the script, Reality’s cloth may be stretched or get ripped, I kind of liked and revered the old man, I also remembered the threat on his van, So I did my best, not so with my sis, Who lightly perturbed the Utopian bliss, These perturbations bore vibes of their own, And changed the whole world the old man had once known, My sister’s BF is gettin’ some nookie, The tree catches fire and I ate some cookies, My mom has a fling with a kind soda jerk, And Pleasantvilles plebs storm the place of my work…And they knew that they were naked…The nectar of knowledge now runs down my face, My sis attends college and stays in this place, I return home to my mothers embrace.

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