Playing with Words

In my language, I just realized, the term for ‘to report’ is the same as for ‘to win/to defeat’. Thought this was a nice connection. Anyone got any like these?

In portuguese there’s a few…

wake up = agreed

spoon = pick up

choire = blush

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A universal cause of every illness in the Balkan is something old people call “promaja”. It is a strike of air which happens when the air is coming from two different sources, like opened door and a window.
I grew up listening to stuff like this:
" I have a headache…"

  • it must be promaja.
    " I have a conjunctivitis"
  • it is promaja
    " My back hurts"
  • it’s promaja
    " I feel worthless"
  • get off the promaja.



does it work the other way around as well? Notice promaja and then go and find some illness?

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I guess it works both ways… there are probably many people who tried to commit suicide by exposing themselves to promaja.

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