Playing the bagpipes for myself here alone in the dark

It’s a sad tune. One of loss and loneliness.


You are a man of constant sorrow.

(It’s a song)

Lynwrd skynard I presume?

George Clooney in oh brother where art thou

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The version I know is the Soggy Bottom Boys.

But if Lynrd Skynrd (my phone doesn’t want to let me type that) did a cover, I bet it would be awesome

This ought to cheer ya up:

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I like these guys a lot @Chrishasheart.
I used to live in Boston, it’s a neat city

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Yeah their new song Payin’ My Way is my favorite punk song at this moment.

That’s cool you’ve lived in Boston. I was born on the east coast but I grew up in a barrio in southern Cali.

Can you play “Stairway to Heaven”? How about “Freebird”?
C’mon, at least give us your rousing version of “Norwegian Wood”. I think the bagpipes would blend in nicely with the sitar.