Playing rock and roll

It’s just as I suspected. I’ve been studying classical piano for the last 14 and a half years and largely failing miserably at it because I wasn’t raised on classical music, I never listened to it my whole life, and I’ve always been a rocker.

Don’t get me wrong. I love classical piano today but that’s not what I’ve been about my whole life.

So, Ive decided to shift my focus a bit and study some rock songs along with my usual classical pieces and I’m finding that the rock songs are a lot easier and more natural for me to play.

I feel that all that classical study has been great preparation. For instance, right now, I’m playing Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watch Tower.


Jimmy hendrix did his own version of all along the watch tower, led zeppelin is my favorite rock group.

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Jimmi Hendrix made it famous but Bob Dylan wrote it.

Yes, I prefer the hendrix version, i don’t think many people know it’s originally a dylan song.

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You have to be a certain age group to know it.

Not really, just have to like that type of music and care about the background of the music.

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I play piano for ballet classes. I usually play classical pieces, but they’re very short. It’s fun to try to play rock and roll sometimes.