Playing "Command & Conquer: Schizophrenia" Imaginary

Standing at a junction facing schizophrenia and given the choice to either flee or fight (original idea by @Resilient1).

I would opt for ‘fight’ or ‘conquer’. Start combating against schizophrenia by integrating all the fragmented identities.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.”
(Sun Tzu’s Art of War)

The best way to know myself is finding out my strength (inclusive of personality trait and talent).
The enemy, though, remains unknown.

In the aftermath, I still have to struggle with reality as normal individual does.

The above material is solely for entertainment purpose only. Please consult your doctor for any positive, cognitive and negative symptoms. Please comply with the medication. As usual, anyone can benefit from lifestyle comprising of diet, exercise and sleep.


how long are you going to fight though?

why not run away?

I give it a fight for the sake of hope.

but why can’t you just run away?

break free

I give an illustration: A man leaves his woman alone at home. He ensures the safety of the house. The man thinks of many other families of the same and decides to join the army in combating with schizophrenia. That army comprises laboratory researcher, scientist, doctors, medical officers and pharmacist.

No, that remains my imaginary thoughts. Please don’t take it seriously.

What I meant was I am available for interview by medical students at local university hospital.

sorry, idk what you are talking about now lol

Sometimes it takes a bigger man to just walk away!

I learned something new from you. Have to change my stubbornness.

Thank you for your input.

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that is so true,

just because you are trying to get away or fleeing the trouble

doesn’t make you a coward

have you heard the saying…

‘fight, fight and run away and learn to fight another day’

or is it ‘those who fight and run away live to fight another day?’