Playing a new game

A friend invited me to play a game where you go out in the real world and take over enemy portals. He crusched them last night and left them neutral so I could take over them this morning. I have been to a 2 km walk before breakfast just to take over portals and hacking some portals too to gather stuff. It is a great game. You need to walk around hacking and blasting enemy portals. They are all over the world.

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Are you talking about Ingress?

Since I’ve been following wearable computing a bit for a long time, I’ve heard of that one. It seems to be an interesting application.

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Yes. That’s it. I don’t buy in-game stuff. If it can’t be done without it I’ll stop playing. My friend has not bought anything and he manages.

It is a bit triggering when they say I’m an agent and bla bla bla. But atleast now I am stable enough to realize it’s a game.

The game connects to your google account. But you don’t have to connect your game to google+ if you don’t want to. If you do that everyone will se your google+ profile.

The positive thing is that you get to walk a lot without thinking about it. I just took over the portals closest to home and I walked 2 km. I see it as an exercise app.

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