Play a game: 2 truths 1 lie


No 2 is true, when I was a bailiff a person pulled a gun on me, but i have never ate 2 pies at one sitting


@roxanna. #2 is a lie


Yes you got it! 2


That’s a shame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Me
  2. I
  3. Myself


I was ran over by a car

I was held at gun point.

I hate home made potato salad.


Hopefully they are all lies, but I think 3 is the lie


I go for one…


Three is a lie?


Haha! I had to scroll up to see what I typed.

But # 2 is the lie.



  1. I have two dogs.
  2. I translated a 14-page document from Korean to English.
  3. I have an upright acoustic piano.

I think 3rd one is false for your original post! :slight_smile:


Is number 3 the false one? :thinking:


3 is the lie?

  1. I have three pets
  2. I have jumped out of a moving car
  3. I have been skydiving


I’m hoping two of these are lies, but I guess 1?


1 is a lie, you have way more than that


3 is a lie? I think?


One is a lie???


Haha you win! I can’t go skydiving because of a heart condition.


I think… 2 or 1 is a lie. At least I hope it is.


@ninjastar @Montezuma
You are both correct. I have a piano, but an upright digital piano. I really want one though- it’s a dream for me as a musician. My brother has been asking my mom for 1 year but she’s not listening to us, lol. Maybe one day…
Sending you all warmth and love!