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Play a game: 2 truths 1 lie


1…is the lie


Really difficult. :thinking:

I vote for #2


Wait @selene which was false for you. That would be cool if you met szadmin. I don’t think you were publicly humiliated.


Yeah… I’ve been publicly humiliated… Took a long time to recover though. I still have flashbacks.

I don’t think anyone has met @SzAdmin


Ok, here’s another one:

  1. I was once a medical student
  2. I was once married
  3. I have a skull tattooed on my ass


:joy: this is really difficult.

  1. I’ve been called catty
  2. I have a cat
  3. I have a cat costume


I used to be an architect.

I wrote a book about my schizophrenia.

I smoke cigarettes.

@selene I think you don’t have a cat costume.


I’m guessing #3 is a lie.


:joy: all 3 are true or you gave up cigarettes


well I have a cat tiara, I think it counts!


#3 was my lie. I love pineapples :joy:


yes I gave up smoking.


Of course you do. Nobody hates pineapples!


I think 2 is a lie, you don’t have a cat.


This is difficult. I wanna say 2 is a lie

  1. I have schizophrenia
  2. I have depression
  3. I farted infront of my crush before


This is my baby.


2? Oy this is a hard game.


Nope, I was briefly married. #3 was the lie; I have no ass tattoos, and I don’t think I ever will.