Play a game: 2 truths 1 lie


Let’s play a game.

Can you guess which one is false?

  1. I have a piercing on my chin
  2. I’ve been publicly humiliated
  3. I have met @SzAdmin


Is number 3 the lie?

  1. I have a stutter
  2. I run faster than Usain Bolt
  3. I enjoy jumping off of cliffs for a hobby


I think #2 is a lie!


2 must be a lie.

  1. I have an australian accent.
  2. I have one female breast.
  3. I have written over 500k words just for fun.


Two is indeed a lie!


1 and 2 are lies!

  1. I have a dog
  2. I have a tattoo
  3. I’ve told someone I wanted to be a rocket scientist before


You don’t have a tattoo!


1 is the lie…


Hey @mermaid1 No scatter shot! 1 is a lie though. But maybe I misworded number 2. I’m male but the breast is kinda swollen since puberty. Weird I know.

@thebest I think number 1 is a lie? Just a wild guess.

  1. I’ve been skydiving
  2. I’ve traveled to Europe
  3. I’ve had sex outdoors


I’ll guess… number 3 is a lie.


Nope, #2 is the lie; I’ve never been outside the USA.


I was going to vote 1 and 2 as lies :rofl:


Nice :upside_down_face:


Nope, been skydiving several times. :slightly_smiling_face:


wow that’s amazing!


#1 I have a gap between my big toes and the other toes
#2 I once dated a guy and a girl at the same time
#3 I strongly dislike pineapples


3 is a lie? 151515


Yeah, I’m guessing #3 as well.