Plastering is my trade

I was offered 4 plastering jobs this year, I need to get back to work


price work will be had

That’s cool you got a trade bro!

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I must get back to applying my trade…!

anyone onlinight 4 chat

sz,com doing a blanky

What’s up Pedro? You doing anything fun today?

im thinking about earning big money by my trade plastering atm

Go make that money! Get that big money!

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I will apply my skill

Is it pretty easy?

I watched it done and mixed the stuff for plastering many years, it is tough work

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That makes you damn near a pro

all my plastering work was ‘‘passed’’ by pro’s

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cash in hand plastering work no tax money

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I considered becoming a plasterer once…I imagine its easier than carpentry…is it tough…how many trs you study…or is all the studying done on work placements

Apprenticeship is four years. I was thinking of doing it as well until the work dried up. Some of the best days of my life. It’s strange how we all found plastering. I’d say it’s tougher than carpentry because carpentry has a 2nd fix which is handy

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