Plants and trees and nature

All are in a computer.

People, known and unknown,
are data in the computer.

The programmers push the + button
and they make people fatter or taller.
They push the - button and do the opposite


Lol. Funny man :v:

Did you always feel this way?

I’m just thinking about the altered view many of us get when on medications. I know I see the world through different glasses than before meds. I am not myself. My brain is not functioning the way it’s supposed to. The world is kind of lifeless and cold compared to how things appear when I didn’t taking medication.

well you use a computer,
and they use you.
I guess that’s the price you pay.

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Poppies bending from wind
devouring sunlight. Etc.

All this beauty, is fake

Make the jump outside of this vicious cycle
and go to beyond. Beyond trumanomatrix.

Fresh water running from mountains,
so cold and nice.
Is it matrix too?

no it’s not when you’re there.
but I got a thing on my wall of fish
and ocean sounds.
it’s very soothing.

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