Planters wart healed itself

So I’ve had this planters wart for five years now at least it’s gotten progressively worse. I’ve had surgery on it at the podiatrist. It was a mess. But all of a sudden it’s dying and going away. I feel happy.


Good for you to get some relief! What did they do there?

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They dug it out and cut it open with a blade after numbing me up. Wasn’t major surgery but was nonetheless considered surgery. This was a few years ago, it came back worse than before. But now it’s dying. Maybe I’ll finish it off with some of this cream my mom got that’s supposed to be very effective :ok_hand:

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I had one on my big toe when I was little, my dad removed it with a nail clipper file, a kitchen knife and a needle. He also had some rubbing alcohol on hand. Not fun!

It never came back though…

I heard they can freeze them off with liquid nitrogen, or something…

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I had one when i was a kid. I had a pumice stone i had to rub it with and some sort of liquid medicine to drop on it. It eventually went away. Glad yours is gone.

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I’m surprised you didn’t post a picture of it. Pretty gross huh?

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No please… No pictures!! :joy:

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I had one on my thumb for a few years then it just went away

When I was a little kid growing up, me, Tom Sawyer, all my friends and Huckleberry Finn all thought that handling frogs gave you warts.
Don’t get me started on hairy palms.

Never heard of hairy palms. Seen a hairy a** though.

My daughter also had some warts on her hand.She use a kinda anti virus liquid to cure it

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