Plantar Fasciitis

A while back I had an allodynia breakout and then accompanying pain which it developed into and could be described as fibromyalgia, I have recently developed a mixture of severe cramping and stabbing pain in the heel of the foot.

I looked it up and not only am I within the age range of developing plantar fasciitis, but fibromyalgia has been linked to it.

I read online I shouldn’t walk barefoot, but any other tips for this excruciating condition? Any other fibro sufferers dealing with this condition?

Don’t tell me you like walking barefoot?
More seriously, good luck with your medical enquiries.

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Around my flat I love walking barefoot. :foot:

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I have bouts of plantar fasciitis. Nothing beats a good set of insoles for your shoes. Buy decent ones, not that Dr. Scholls rubbish.

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