Plans for tomorrow

I have to go downtown Saturday to where I bought my phone. There’s a little issue about paying my bill for my phone service and I have to straighten that out and I want to sign up by autopay. After that I’m planning on getting some sushi. I live like a king, lol. I will probably get a haircut from one of ladies who work in this boarding home. I know it’s time to get a haircut when my co-worker comments that my hair looks like something out of the seventies. After that I have the rest of the day free.


I’m going to sort through my medicine boxes and work on a project on my clean table.


Tomorrow I’m going for a run, then picking up some food for the train - 4 hrs to London then sleeper train to Inverness Scotland


I’m going to recover from having to drive to San Francisco twice in 3 days. I could never commute to the city and back, all the stop and go traffic for miles, 3-4 accidents each way, speed racers and grandpa’s trying to get away from each other…

and the best, ever try to find parking in down town SF?


What are you going to do in Scotland?


A gas station clerk made a comment about my straw chewing. Since stopping smoking greater than a year ago, I chew on straws. His was a wise ass comment. I try to leave it on him!



Tomorrow I am going to edit the photos I took at the botanic garden. My husband and I went for a walk at this garden yesterday afternoon. It’s very peaceful and beautiful so I took lots of photos there. Nice weather and nice place! I will share those photos with you guy tomorrow.

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Only once. I parked at a parking garage by Moscone Center and couldn’t find my car again. And the sun was going down and I had no jacket.

Nowadays I just take BART.

Did your plans come to pass? Mine got side tracked a few times. I’m working on it.

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Yes. I made it downtown to the mobile phone store. When I went inside everything looked OK. There were a few customers. But then, in a split second I realized that the guy behind the counter and the customers were not pleased with each other and some kind of confrontation was going on. Both sides were threatening each other. I just watched interestingly to see what would happen. Anyway, eventually I cleared up my own problem and went to the restaraunt across the street that had sushi. I got what I wanted and drove home. Did you ever complete your plans?

I will go to the fitness club for leg training, boxing lesson, stretching lesson. I will do a lot of exercises today.


Tomorrow Sunday is time for church and a day of rest.

I remember blue laws where everything was closed because it was supposed to be a day of rest for ALL.

But then companies wanted to make more money by tempting everyone to shop seven days a week and spend more money on stuff you don’t need.

I need a rest from things of this world at least once a week.

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Going to find my way around Edinburgh…
Taking a double bill of monologues to the Fringe in August

Im going to lay one the couch and think about my life until my family gets mad at me. I’ll do the dishes and practice piano in the back yard till to start to feel lonely. Then I’ll make an attempt to talk to family, but just ens up getting talked at by every familly meber one at a time (because im the one to go to for this apparently) about how each one hates the other. Then I’ll go persistent hunt my feeling (anywhere from 10 to 20 miles) and if im lucky the sad part of me will die of heat exhaustion, but I’ll probably end up sitting in the backyard and stare at the back of the house thinking about how sad and unsatisfying city runs are. Then I’ll snack and think about calling a friend, but chicken out because i never know what to say when people ask, “So how have you been?” then I’ll sit on the couch and wonder if mabey talking on this forum will help, but most the time i just talk goofy and joke around because part of me wants to believe mabey this is just temporary and small enough to supress a bit further so i don’t have to bother anyone else, even though the other part of me knows that’s not the case, and if I’m funny mabey I’ll be worth something to them. Then I’ll have a quick snack. Then I’ll try to sleep.

Total words spoken all day: probably around 15. My voice is getting weaker. I used to sing. Not so much now.


I’m going to finish a project I’ve been trying to complete for school.

No, it’s the same old sad story - I wish I still had a car.

I used a button in my mouth

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Tomorrow I will be going to my doctors appointment and then meet my friends afterward for a swim or movie

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