Plain wedding bands from walmart. unless

we can get a matching set of plain gold bands at walmart at an affordable price…under $100 for both…unless we get a stimulus check and then we will spend around 400 per person on rings…


Good idea. The bands don’t have to be expensive. A simple band is plenty

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yes jewelry loses it’s value so much after you buy diamonds and it’s the band that counts…thank you @ZmaGal

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We have silicone bands. Just a few bucks and more comfortable.


My mom passed my rings down to me and we found a matching band for David for under $400 at it was on rollback it was over $800


Might also get a finger piercing

Chuck had a plain gold band, very inexpensive and we got my band, that had tiny channel set, princess cut diamonds on it at a pawn shop for cheap. It’s just a symbol of your love.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…from the latest news updates I read just about ten minutes ago on a 4th stimulus check, it’s not likely this year. Some democrat’s are behind pushing for a check but the republicans don’t want it.

For people who have children 17 and under under the good news is that there might be recurring monthly payments for $250-$300 for every kid.

There is a push by about 20 democrats and several republicans for a recurring monthly payment of $2000 for most Americans but the chances are pretty slim.

Talks for a 4th stimulus check are still floating around Washington but the chances don’t seem very good.

With everything opening up, I doubt a 4th will come.

I recommend going cheap because they’re just ornaments to signal you’re married. If you have a special message you want to carry around with you about your love I recommend having it inscribed but outside of that, I think less is more. I don’t like things being on my hand jewlery among them so if I ever get married I’m going to ask to go hobbit style and have a necklace and be a ring bearer and she can be my dark lord. Something along those lines. Then when she beats me I can yell “HOBBITSES” and “SHIRE!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m expecting the price of gold to rise.

thanks everyone…word will be in July 4th what plan they choose…democrats hold a reconciliation tactic that will push the bill through just like the last check against the republicans and it will pass most likely…

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