Plagued by dreams

I’m so upset, I had these wonderful dreams this morning and when I woke up I was so disappointed I cried. You see before I was diagnosed with SZA I was working and living on a horse farm. When I got hospitalized for the first time My boss fired me. This was 6 years ago. Now I get all these dreams that the owner of the farm invited me back to work there and in my dreams I’m so excited to be back around horses and to be living and working there again. These dreams are so hyperrealistic that when I wake up I am so devastated by the fact that I’m not back on that farm.

This whole matter makes me so depressed, when I wake up I realize I live in a tiny apartment in the middle of the city with no car to even get anywhere with horses


You are lucky to have such nice dreams. My dreams are usually about zombies, or ghosts or sword fights with a kazillian enemies or something else horrid. I very rarely have a good dream anymore. I am usually just fine with waking up.


Sometimes I have nightmare flashback dreams due to trauma. Those are unpleasant but I’d prefer that over these way too good to be true dreams.


I can’t count the ammount of times I’ve dreamt of going fishing seriously I love it