Placing blame on Starbuck's holiday cups is stupid

Personally as a christian myself I can’t believe there is even discussion about Starbuck’s not putting “merry Christmas” on their cups is stupid. So the cups are red and have the Starbuck’s emblem on them. If they “Did” say “merry Christmas” there would probably be a lot more flack on Starbuck’s from the secular community than if they didn’t. Doesn’t make any sense to me.


I agree with you sir. It’s just a red paper cup. I think if people base their beliefs on a coffee shop’s cup, they really need to take a serious look at their beliefs. Now that fecking idiot Donald Trump is calling for a boycott. Some people, I swear…


Who says they’re Christmas cups? Maybe someone at Starbucks just really really REALLY likes Toby Keith!



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Im proposing an entire set of new holidays for the entire earth.

I think they just wanted the publicity and started it themselves.
But then I have that conspiracy mindset sort of thing.

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