Places you can live on Disability

Care to name some locations?

I’m always looking for the next affordable location.

I’ll say Harney or Lake County, Oregon. Apartments/mobile homes on lots can still be found for under $400 mo. In Lake County, if you want to seriously rough it, you can buy 5-10 acres for $200 per month from a company online but it gets damned cold in the winter (-40) on occasion, so even van living requires serious heating considerations.

Then there’s the Ozarks…

Oklahoma is way cheap as far as living costs…I have a large house for $400 a month. I live in Pauls Valley and it’s a small town with a non profit organization for the mentally ill here. free psychiatrist if you have medicare.

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When I lived in Muncie, IN I had a decent 2 bedroom apartment all utilities included for about $550 a month. And it was walking distance to the mall, bus, and a few restaurants.

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