Pixel and Patrick have a message for America

Thank you Canada, you are too kind!


It could be better if there were more full time job opportunities available that pay a decent wage for someone like me who has a college degree. All the good jobs are being shipped overseas…

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I lurve my neighbours to the South!! :sunny:


I thought Bond was the secret agent of her majesty’s kingdom … :smile:

He was…

But I just love the song. And it reminds me of how I feel about our friends.

Every other Nation tries, but nobody does it better than the good ole USA! :sunny:

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Back in 1999 I checked that there is a person whose name is James Bond in the World Bank.

In what areas…our academics are no where near where they should be…too many guns…drugs are an epidemic…we’ve been at war for what 15 years no breaks and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon…we often back warlords in strife torn countries…that bites us in the ass hard a lot…we do mass produce movies but lately its all remakes and reboots…or marvel…lol


I like that America’s new military technology, stealth drones landing and taking off from the aircraft carriers anywhere in the world , it is fantastic

Its so scary…they should have flexed their drone tech one good time…and then just placed them in the deterrent category…i would think twice about fighting those flying death machines…even if you beat one…what did you really accomplish…now if both sides fought with drones over an empty place and agreed winner gets what he wants…I would approve drone usage…

…and Carly Simon is American!

I did not know Carly Simon, but the Internet is great, just Google or Yahoo the name … :smile:

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This was on the news yesterday, I thought in response to the messed up political situation currently going on.

Her biggest hit was about ME!


Was on the news here to and yes It’s in response to the election stuff, just goes on and on lol

:joy: :joy: :joy: Looooooool

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Mr Turtle and I are going to America next May to get married. We’re getting married in Portland then we travel to San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA. We got really cheap return flights to LA.

It will be interesting for us to see who wins the election and whether that impacts on out trip.


I know no politics…but come on america…I laughed really hard at hilarys face when trump said she was out smated by Putin on every front from Syria to negotiations…to be fair I also laughed at trumps face always…

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Tell yer gf I say happy bday

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She was wearing the necklace me and the midget picked out for her…so I guess she liked it…I got up with her at 330am didn’t say happy bday or nothing just pretended like I forgot…but I hid her present in the car with a hand written love note…then I texted her I love her happy bday…


Awwww u a little sucker for love

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