Pituitary gland Tumors and Antipsychotics

I went to see my Excellent Family doctor today and because my FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone is elevated and my Prolactin is even more elevated, he suspects that I could have a Pituitary Gland Tumor probably caused by the Risperdal - I have to repeat my blood tests in 3 months, my Psychiatrist is also aware of this.

I may have to go see an Endocrinologist and both of my doctors are in the process of seeing if I should remain on the Risperdal or switch to a safer Antipsychotic. I should know in a week or so.

Man am I bummed, but the good news is that Pituitary Gland Tumors are usually benign and not so dangerous, unless complications crop up.

Here is some info on it -

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I’m sorry @Wave this sucks. Hope it comes out okay and there’s nothing to worry about.

Best of luck!

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I found this article

It says things got ‘resolved’ after the patient switched to abilify. I don’t know what resolved means.

Maybe accelerate your plans to try rexulti.

Sorry you have to go through this, but it’s better than living in ignorance if it’s true. You can work on the issue.


Wow, thanks @everhopeful - this is very informative.

I have been thinking of switching to Rexulti anyway, now I will most likely choose Rexullti.

Very interesting stuff indeed!

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Latuda is a good med only raises prolactin a little bit.

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■■■■ this - I think that Abilify is the only AP that lowers Prolactin, I dont think that Rexulti or any other AP does this.

I may go back to using Abilify because it may help with my issue - the other APs raise Prolactin.

Prolactin increases because dopamine is blocked and can’t regulate it. Both rexulti and abilify don’t block dopamine allowing the body to regulate it. That’s my understanding.

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Yes, this does make sense but Abilify is a stronger partial dopamine agonist than Rexulti - Im not sure if Rexulti actually lowers prolactin as well as Abilify would.

Your prolactin has been artificially increased. Shouldn’t it drop naturally if you switch to something that doesn’t artificially increase it?


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Yeah, Im going to look into it with my pdoc - its either going to be Abilify or preferably Rexulti, since they are almost identical- thanks again @everhopeful!

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Abilify doesn’t lower prolactin as far as I know, it just lowers it in people who switch to it from APS that have increased it already. Or am I wrong. Don’t think I’m wrong?

I dont know, but i think that it lowers it - its sometimes added on to people using Risperdal that have high prolactin levels

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If it lowered it in general, there’d be patents for its use as a stand alone prolactin lower-er. They’d be all over it. Adding it to other APS must just ‘break’ the constant dopamine blocking.

Complete dopamine blocking is your problem, increased prolactin is the visible symptom. In my expert non medical opinion :smile:

Good luck with abilify or rexulti if you decide to switch.

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I really want to give Rexulti a shot - Gonna talk it over with my pdoc, I may switch very soon - thanks for your help @everhopeful!

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sorry man…you will be okay :heart:
take care :alien:

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i’m sorry to hear that @Wave,

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I went through an fMRI to rule out brain cancer for a raised prolactin level that caused me to lactate! They found nothing, no cancer, no tumors. I lactated for like a decade (seriously, no kids ever). I take regular blood tests at the request of my pdoc and general doctor, and nothing except my prolactin levels are out of range. It’s so weird that it just affects this one hormone production and that there was nothing like cancer causing it! I guess I was lucky because all these article about pituitary tumors and anti-psychotics is scary and say that there is a disproportionate amount of pituitary tumors associated with antipsychotic drugs.

I never saw an endocrinologist, though. That seems like a good idea. The last time I received attention for this was in 2015 through my general practitioner, but that was just blood tests. I took the fMRI back in 2008-2009, though.

Good luck to you!

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Im not going to worry about it any more, I have decided to get off of the Risperdal quickly - the sooner the better.

I cant wait to see my pdoc next week.

Hopefully I will be placed on a safer Antipsychotic - Im tired of this sh*t.

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I hope this switch works out for you!

I need to see a GP to get my prolactin levels tested.

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