Piss in the woods there's a bug somewhere

I saw a thread it says I replied to but I just don’t recall replying to it, has anyone else seen something like that . Maybe I did but then I’m skeptical

Is this the one you mean? I do remember your post cause it was sort of off topic .

Exactly, seems odd and I recall thinking I was responding to something else at the time. I dunno. I just rebooted. Sometimes my iPhone sticks like I had a gray area with the word ‘saving’ that was stuck on here then last week that gray box with schizophrenia.com was missing from my laptop.

Bear in mind that you can continue navigating to different topics/threads even when you have the “reply” editor window open.

If you have navigated to a different topic before clicking the reply button, the software does ask whether you want your reply posted to the original thread or to the current thread. So it is possible to inadvertently select the wrong thread.


I’ll be darned, I’m guilty of that I bet.