Pip tribunal on tue

I have my pip tribunal on Tuesday afternoon. Meaning going to a tribunal room and sitting in front of a judge!

I have a support worker going with me…

Wish me :four_leaf_clover: luck!


Wishing you lots of good luck :slight_smile:

I think we should make face painting :art: on profile pics mandatory :slight_smile:


Best of luck ! :sunny:

Good luck :ok_hand::+1::v:️:ok_hand:

Good luck! 15151515515

I have no idea how to prepare for a PIP tribunal I have like 200 pages of documentation I was send by the DWP!

I’m not going to read it all!

Has anyone else been to one and can tell me what to expect?

Today is the day, feeling anxious and a bit sick but here goes nothing!

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I hope it goes well for you.

HELL YER I got standard rate care!

It’s better than I was expecting which was nothing, but I still don’t know what that means or how long they will back date it for!



Have you spoken to your support workers about benefits?

I would have thought you’d at least get basic rate ESA, whilst your support team learn what you are coping with & potential outcomes!

Yes I think I will be getting some soon, I applied yesterday :slight_smile:

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@JH85 Congratulations on the outcome by the way! :grinning:

Standard rate in both sections? If so it’s about £300 a month

Nope, just care so £55.65pw on top of my ESA!


Nice… it sounds stressful… in my head you were standing before 4 old chaps in powdered wigs… lol

I wanna face paint profile pic now… all the cool kids seem to have one…

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Nice going jh! Was it a scary process?

I thought it would be like a mental health act tribunal. That and a evil :smiling_imp: person from the dwp would be their!

I was mistaken it was easier and I got asked lots of questions I had to answer!


Well done buddy. Am impressed! Hey they might back date it to when you first applied so you might get a windfall!

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They do backdate it to when you applied I believe. I found out I was awarded it by noticing nearly £2k turning up in my account