Pioneering brain study reveals ‘software’ differences between humans and monkeys (Nature News)

Quote: Humans took the trade-off further than other primates. Their smarter, but more error-prone, cortices might explain their vulnerability to psychiatric disorders, said Paz.

That resonates with other theories in neuropsychology, which propose that synchronization of neuronal activity in the brain might be correlated with psychosis or depression, says cognitive neuroscientist Robert Knight at the University of California, Berkeley. “This line of research is very important, because most neuroscience studies are carried out in animals with the assumption that the core pattern of neuronal activity holds across species — for humans, too,” he says.

The researchers’ robustness–efficiency trade-off hypothesis is an important one that needs to be explored in further studies, says neuroscientist Christopher Petkov of Newcastle University, UK. Direct comparisons between monkey and human data sets are challenging because it is hard to know whether the two species were in comparable states of mind when the data were collected, he notes. But such comparisons are “immensely valuable”.