Pineal/ pituitary glands plus tattoos

This title should be called
"Decal+ detox and tattoos “
I love tattoos. It’s like self expression .let’s say you started some organic ,spiritual stuff. So the whole process starts by eliminating different things/toxins out of your body. Supposedly you can’t have these " things” in your System:
fluoride,processed food, …actually let me stay relevant to tattoos.
They correlate because tattoos have heavy metals in the ink . its to keep the permanence in the skin. I’m not going to get into it. The whole DETOXING PROCESS involves getting the TOXINS OUT. This includes HEAVY METALS IN YOUR BODY. Trust me they lie about the benefits of this and that. Their just trying to block everyone off. So while tattoos eventually sit in the skin and the body reacts , the pineal and pituitary glands are being effected. It’s not like a big deal. I love tattoos. I just thought you couldn’t bend light with heavy metals in you.

I’m not making suggestions to go about this,as it can lead to dangerous things. I’m just wondering if tattoos would prevent you from. Successfully trying to decalcify,detox,activate,ascend …or descend.
+12 strand DNA,amino acids,chromosomes management and progression. I just have a theory that if I get a tattoo I wouldn’t be able to do those things right.idk everything I just said was made up

actually since the laws passed in the 90s very few kinds of tattoo ink have heavy metals now, only certain colors, like silver and some reds have the metals, but the amounts are so small that over time, even if you had say 3oz of that color ink in your skin, by the end of a year you would only absorb as much mercury (which is the most common) as you would if you ate a can of tuna everyday for lunch… and according to the FDA you can eat the = of 6 cans of tuna a day for a year before you absorb enough mercury to suffer ill effects…

also as far as spiritual enlightenment is concerned, there are tattoo designs that are said to increase the flow of life energy through your body.


Is there a thing called organic ink.?Thanks in advance

there are ‘organic’ inks but they fade badly after just a couple years and need constant retouching. Most tattoo inks are made from the same kinds of plants as old fashion canvas paints, but they are typically mixed with nontoxic materials that don’t absorb into the skin

a good example is traditional ‘green’ tattoo ink, these days its made with copper I think, which is really only toxic if you get it straight into your blood.

for more detailed explanations I would suggest contacting a tattoo artist through email, make sure they are a well established and respected one tho, as there are some who will tell you about how safe it is and ‘forget’ to mention basic problems that can arise.

I don’t have any tattoos, tho I do plan to get one soon, once my foster daughters are adopted, the biggest thing about getting a tattoo is doing research, not only on proper care of your tattoo, but also on what kind of tattoo you want, there are as many tattoo types as there are cultures on the world.

I would suggest, if you do get one, to do something small and simple, with one or two colors, for your first. just to make sure that 1 you aren’t allergic to anything in the process, and 2 you can handle the pain.

I know several people who tried to get medium sized tats first and now have half finished tattoos on their arms…

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I was lucky. My one and only tattoo was on my sternum when I was skinny. I started fainting from the pain halfway through and then couldn’t feel any pain at all. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

lol yeah a friend f mine has a medication that makes his body shut off pain receptors when they ‘activate’ so he has LOTS of tattoos in places most people wouldn’t even think about…